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Call of Duty Monkeybomb Stand: Elevate Your Gaming Setup!


Get ready to level up your gaming setup with the Call of Duty Monkeybomb Stand! This 8.5″ heavy-duty figure isn’t just eye-catching – it’s a versatile holder for all your hand-held electronics. Elevate your gaming experience with this officially licensed Activision product. Let’s dive in and see how this Monkeybomb can revolutionize your gaming space!

Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty Monkeybomb Stand

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Top-tier Choice!
The Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty: Monkeybomb is a high-quality and stylish holder loved by gamers for its detailed design and versatility in holding gaming controllers and electronic devices. While there may be minor packaging issues and imperfections to watch out for, it remains a perfect gift option for COD enthusiasts and tech lovers alike.
Top-tier Gaming Accessory
  • Loved by gamers for holding gaming controllers
  • High-quality and detailed design
  • Versatile holder for various electronic devices
Product Weaknesses
  • One drawback could be potential issues with the packaging
  • as mentioned by a reviewer. Another drawback could be minor imperfections in the product
  • like an uneven arm on the monkey figure. Just a couple of things to keep in mind!

Introducing the Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty Monkeybomb – a versatile and unique mobile phone and gaming controller holder that doubles as a stand for various devices. This 8.5″ figure is not your average device stand – made from heavy duty PVC material with a sturdy base, it can securely hold your electronics, business cards, TV remotes, eBook readers, and more without tipping over.

The Monkeybomb is more than just a functional accessory – it’s a collectible figure that any Call of Duty fan would love to have. Officially licensed by Activision, this figure is styled after the iconic Monkey Bomb from the popular game series. It’s the perfect gift for any COD gamer, adding a touch of fun and personality to their gaming setup.

Technical Details
  • Original design inspired by Call of Duty: Monkeybomb
  • Functions as a mobile phone and gaming controller holder
  • Doubles as a device stand
  • Part of the Cable Guys collection
  • Officially licensed Call of Duty figure

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking for a cool accessory or simply want to add a touch of fun to your home office, the Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty Monkeybomb is a must-have item that combines functionality with style. Add this officially licensed figure to your collection and let Monkey Bomb hold your devices in place while bringing a bit of gaming nostalgia to your space.

Unique Collectible for Gamers
  • Monkeybomb design
  • 8.5″ heavy duty PVC figure
  • Versatile holder for hand-held electronics and more
  • Officially licensed by Activision

Review of Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty: Monkeybomb

High-Quality and Stylish Design
We recently purchased the Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty: Monkeybomb as a gift for a friend who is a long-time Call of Duty enthusiast. The product was very well received, with its high quality and visually appealing design standing out. The figure is made exceptionally well and offers excellent value for the money. We were pleased to learn that it is an officially licensed Call of Duty product, adding to its authenticity and appeal.

Minor Packaging Issue
While the overall quality of the product was impressive, we did encounter a minor issue with the packaging upon arrival. The original packaging was damaged, and we noticed that one of the monkey’s arms was slightly uneven, causing the controller to sit at a slight angle. Despite this small flaw, the functionality of the holder was not greatly affected, and it still served its purpose effectively.

Perfect Gift for Gamers
Our son received the Monkeybomb as a Christmas gift, and it turned out to be the unexpected hit of the season. As an avid COD gamer himself, he appreciated the intricate design details and accurate representation of the character. The holder accommodated both PS5 and Xbox controllers, making it a versatile accessory for gaming setups. It truly made for a thoughtful and well-received gift.

Stylish and Functional
One of the standout features of the Monkeybomb holder is its unique design. The figure is visually appealing and adds a touch of style to any gaming setup. Its versatility in holding various hand-held electronics makes it a practical accessory for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. We found that it seamlessly integrated into our gaming area, providing both a functional holder and a decorative piece.

Final Thoughts
In conclusion, the Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty: Monkeybomb impressed us with its quality construction, official licensing, and versatile functionality. Despite minor issues with packaging and slight unevenness, the overall appeal and utility of the product make it a worthwhile addition to any gaming setup. Whether as a gift for a fellow gamer or a personal accessory, the Monkeybomb holder is a stylish and functional choice that caters to Call of Duty fans and gaming enthusiasts alike.

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Choosing the Perfect Gaming Accessory Stand or Holder

When selecting gaming accessory stands and holders, we consider a few key factors. First, we look at the compatibility with our gaming setup – ensuring that the stand can accommodate our specific accessories such as controllers, headphones, or steering wheels. Next, we pay attention to the build quality and stability of the stand to securely hold our valuable equipment. Additionally, we consider the design and aesthetics to complement our gaming space. It’s also important to check for any additional features like cable management options to keep our setup organized. By taking these factors into account, we can choose the perfect gaming accessory stand that enhances our gaming experience.

  • **Authenticity:** Look for the official Exquisite Gaming logo or packaging to ensure you are getting a genuine product
  • **Quality:** Check the materials used in the stand to ensure it is well-made and durable
  • **Design:** Make sure the Monkeybomb Stand matches the design and details from the Call of Duty game to ensure it is an accurate representation
  • **Size:** Consider the size of the stand to make sure it fits well on your display shelf or wherever you plan to place it
  • **Price:** Compare prices from different retailers to make sure you are getting a good deal
  • **Reviews:** Check out reviews from other buyers to get an idea of the overall satisfaction with the product

Signs that the “Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty Monkeybomb Stand” isn’t for you – a helpful guide.

  • **Not a Call of Duty Fan**: If we’re not fans of Call of Duty or the Monkeybomb character, we might not appreciate the design or theme of this product
  • **Don’t Need a Device Stand**: If we don’t need a mobile phone or gaming controller holder, this product may not serve a practical purpose for us
  • **Limited Use**: If we don’t often use our devices while needing them to be held by a stand, this product may not be necessary for our lifestyle
  • **Not Interested in Collectibles**: If we’re not interested in collecting licensed figures or gaming-related merchandise, this product may not appeal to our tastes

Key Gaming Lingo Explained

  • **Controller**: A handheld input device used to interact with games. Retro gaming accessories may include controllers resembling those from older gaming consoles
  • **Cartridge**: A physical storage device that contains game data. Retro gaming accessories may involve using original cartridges or modern replicas for gameplay
  • **Emulation**: The process of replicating the functions of older gaming hardware on newer devices. Retro gaming accessories may utilize emulation to play classic games on modern systems
  • **AV Cable**: A cable used to connect gaming consoles to displays for video and audio output. Retro gaming accessories may include AV cables to ensure compatibility with older TVs
  • **ROM**: Stands for Read-Only Memory, referring to the game data stored on cartridges. Retro gaming accessories may require specific ROMs to play certain games
  • **Save Feature**: The ability to save game progress within a game. Retro gaming accessories may offer save features to mimic the functionality of older systems or enhance gameplay experience
  • **Adapter**: A device that allows different components to work together. Retro gaming accessories may include adapters to connect older accessories to newer consoles

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

How tall is the Exquisite Gaming Monkeybomb holder?

The Exquisite Gaming Monkeybomb holder is approximately 8 inches tall.

Is the Monkeybomb holder officially licensed by Call of Duty?

Yes, the Monkeybomb holder is officially licensed by Call of Duty.

What types of gaming accessories do you offer stands and holders for?

We offer stands and holders for a variety of gaming accessories, including mobile phones, gaming controllers, and other devices. Our product, the Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty: Monkeybomb holder, is perfect for keeping your gaming gear organized and easily accessible while adding a fun touch to your gaming setup.

How do your stands help organize gaming spaces and keep accessories easily accessible?

Our stands are designed to help organize gaming spaces by providing a dedicated spot to store your mobile phone and gaming controller. They keep accessories easily accessible by keeping them within reach while you’re gaming, so you can focus on playing without searching for your devices or cables. The stand also doubles as a device stand, making it convenient for watching videos or charging your devices when not in use.

Can you customize stands to fit specific gaming accessories or setups?

Yes, the Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty: Monkeybomb – Original Mobile Phone & Gaming Controller Holder, Device Stand, Cable Guys, Licensed Figure is not customizable to fit specific gaming accessories or setups. This product is designed as a universal holder and stand for mobile phones and gaming controllers.

Does the Monkeybomb holder come with a charging cable?

Yes, the Monkeybomb holder does come with a charging cable.

Can the Monkeybomb holder accommodate larger smartphones?

Yes, the Monkeybomb holder can accommodate larger smartphones. It is designed to securely hold various sizes of mobile phones and gaming controllers, providing a stable and convenient display stand for your devices.

Are your stands and holders designed to be durable and long-lasting?

Yes, our stands and holders are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Our Exquisite Gaming: Call of Duty Monkeybomb Mobile Phone & Gaming Controller Holder is made with high-quality materials to ensure it provides sturdy support for your devices. You can trust that our product will last you a long time while keeping your devices secure and organized.

Do you have any recommendations for how to best utilize your gaming accessory stands for an optimal gaming experience?

Of course! To make the most of your Exquisite Gaming Call of Duty Monkeybomb Mobile Phone & Gaming Controller Holder, here are some recommendations for an optimal gaming experience:

  1. **Organize Your Setup**: Use the device stand to keep your mobile phone or gaming controller within easy reach and neatly displayed while you play. This can help you stay focused on the game without fumbling for your devices.
  2. **Cable Management**: Utilize the Cable Guys feature to keep your charging cables organized and prevent tangling. This will ensure that your devices are always ready to use without any hassle.
  3. **Multi-Functional Use**: You can also use the holder to display your devices when not in use, making it a stylish addition to your gaming setup. This way, your accessories are both functional and decorative.

Explore the Exquisite Gaming Call of Duty Monkeybomb holder – a unique and fun way to keep your phone or controller within reach while gaming or charging. Let’s add some character to your gaming setup!

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  1. This Monkeybomb stand could also be used in a home office setup to hold a smartphone or tablet while working. It adds a fun and unique touch to any workspace.

  2. I’ve seen friends use this Monkeybomb stand, and it’s impressive how well it keeps everything organized. The arms are sturdy enough to hold controllers securely, and the overall design adds a cool aesthetic to any gaming corner.

    • That’s fantastic to hear! We strive to provide a product that not only looks great but also functions effectively in keeping gaming accessories tidy. Thank you for sharing your real-life experience with the Monkeybomb stand.

  3. The product seems very user-friendly, especially for gamers who need a convenient way to store their controllers and devices. The design looks intuitive and practical for everyday use.

  4. Could the manufacturer consider improving the packaging to address the reported issues? It would be beneficial for customers to receive the product in pristine condition without any potential drawbacks.

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