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 forever gamer

I remember playing my first video game ever. I was just a kid at my neighbors house and played some pong for hours. I would never be the same I was hooked. Making many trips to the arcade with my friends to try all the great games. Battle Zone, Red Baron, and Galaga being some of my favorites.

My family had an Intellivision as our first video game console. We had hours of entertainment and laughs with that thing. On the intellivision Sea Battle and Utopia were my absolute favorites. The console even later actually launched voice. A big deal at the time.

Since then video games and being a gamer have always been a part of my life. From console games to computer games I have tried them all. Back in the early days gaming was like a secret life I had. Now gaming is mainstream and COOL!

That is what this site is about video gamer life, retro gaming, and gaming humor. We offer many products for you to showcase them all. Come in, check out what we have. We even have a link to our Arcade futurepast.games where you can play hundreds of games FREE!

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